Shocker—Dick Cheney calls Snowden a “traitor.”

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Dick Cheney needs to be happy that he has gotten away with his time in the Bush II presidency relatively unscathed. Aside from being called a “war criminal” at CPAC 2011, the man has never been publicly confronted for his actions as vice president.

One would think that the reality of the mess he and his friends created in Iraq and on the home front would humble the man. But I guess not. The neocon dream was worth the lives lost, the freedoms curtailed, the debt incurred, the Constitution trampled. Mr. Cheney sleeps easy.

No one should ever forget that the liberties being taken with our liberties by the current administration was made possible by the prior administration.

I suppose the real question is what the definition of “traitor” is huh Mr. Cheney? Would, for instance one who encouraged the systematic violation of the Constitution for years and years and remained unrepentant be considered a “traitor?”

Dick Cheney should remain out to pasture. He has done enough damage to this country and to the world.

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