This Is What the IRS Spends Your Money On

IRS building cc

Do you want to know what the IRS does with its budget? Maybe you don’t.

Here’s a sample of how the tax folks use their resources.

Stewardship of the tax dollars collected from the American citizenry doesn’t appear to be a top priority.


Moments ago, the Treasury inspector general for tax administration, the same source as the crushing report exposing the IRS persecution of conservative groups, released a report highlighting the spending and “questionable expensing” by IRS staff who blew through $49 million across 225 conferences between 2010 and 2012. The source of the money was largely unused cash meant to hire more enforcement agents. Instead it was spent on things like the previously mentioned Star Trek parody, ad hocdrawn paintings of Abraham Lincoln and “motivational speakers” whose primary requirement is to be flown in first class.

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