A very uncomfortable question for all Americans: Is America a Free Country?

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Jason Raimondo at LewRockwell.com asks this question. I don’t agree with all of his conclusions in the attached essay, but I’d encourage everyone to read it.

(From LewRockwell.com)

Sure, America has elections, but how democratic are they, really? There are only two political parties in this country, and both of them are privileged by the state over all other political entities and parties: they get automatic ballot status, while other parties must jump over the most onerous hurdles to be listed on the ballot. “Third” parties are effectively outlawed. Hardly what one might expect of a nation so zealous to export “democracy” to the rest of the world, but then lack of nerve was never an American shortcoming.

Given this electoral duopoly, it is quite easy for the political Establishment to manage the system and make sure it doesn’t go “out of bounds” in nominating – or, worse, electing – a candidate dubbed too “extreme” by the Powers That Be, and so duly labeled by our compliant media. Which brings me to the “free” media question…

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