Atlas has shrugged in Detroit.

atlas cc

The productive have left the Motor City. After years of being squeezed they left. Or as Ayn Rand might have said, they shrugged, and moved to Florida.

One just can’t run a city that way. Can’t run a country that way either.


The more aggressive the policies to take the wealth of the productive (including imposing an additional tax on those who worked in Detroit but lived outside the city limits), the more people and businesses left the city to avoid the city government’s predations. This is the social and political pathology that Ayn Rand portrayed so vividly in Atlas Shrugged. One of her novel’s central themes was that when a society, instead of respecting (and perhaps even being grateful for) those who produce the wealth that sustains and enriches our lives, treats society’s economic benefactors as enemies to be plundered, a society embarks on a destructive path that, if unchecked, leads to doom.

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