Chris Christie says Americans should be cool with the massive surveillance state, Rand Paul off base

ChrisChristie cc

Christie explains that the attacks of September 11th 2001 justify the actions of the NSA, the TSA, and other agencies. It’s the old “anything is OK if it keeps us safe” argument we’ve heard a million times from our “leaders” as they have expanded government further and further into our lives.

Notice also that many of these leaders have made big money as the surveillance state has grown. One example is former head of DHS Micheal Chertoff whose firm represented the company which sold the first generation of radiation scanners to DHS and put the hard sell on the country in the wake of the “underwear bomber.”

He made millions.

We reported last week that former DHS head Tom Ridge was hustling “homeland security” solutions at a trade show. His company, Ridge Global, consults with governments and companies on security issues to keep us safe. For a price.

And there are plenty of others of course from all parts of government. We should probably be thankful Ms. Napolitano is only going to run UCLA and not soliciting capital for a domestic drone startup. Wait, forget I said that.

Our travel is now watched. Our finances are watched. Our online activities are watched. And we are supposed to be OK with this Governor Christie?

Are we supposed to give up every last shred of dignity we have as normal everyday citizens to make sure we are safe from terrorists? What in God’s name is the point of this country if we are?

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