Defense contractors lobbying agencies in secret?

NSA building

Washington is the land of lobbyists. Every interest it seems is out to game the system for its benefit. The defense contractors, which rely on taxpayer dollars for nearly their entire existence do a lot of it.

Given that these companies are basically supported by the taxpayer they are supposed to be subject to special lobbying disclosure reporting. Politico reports however that despite these disclosure laws, the regulations appear to be widely ignored.

The confusion highlights problems with the federal government’s own lobbying rules and laws — which critics say are rife with loopholes and carve-outs intentionally put in place by Congress. Corporations and firms are free to lobby intelligence agencies and administration civil servants without much oversight or disclosure — they’re not considered “covered” under the current lobbying law, for instance.

”This is one of these strange things where the federal government has laws on the books that they don’t follow themselves,” said Bill Allison, editorial director at the Sunlight Foundation who said he spent a significant chunk of time trying to get the disclosures from various government agencies. “They still have this requirement to do this,” but many agencies don’t.

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