Despite retreat, White House determined to start Obamacare money flow (That’s how people become addicted)

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It appears that the White House has been secretly negotiating with large businesses as Obamacare has veered off down disaster road. The delay of the employer mandate has everything to do with the Obama administration’s buddies in big business saying that the program is half baked at best and that they can’t comply with the tangle of red tape. So Obama has punted, on this.

Now, however, it appears the administration’s bravado was all for show. At the same time Obama was expressing great confidence, White House officials were secretly meeting with representatives of big business to discuss ways to postpone enforcement of parts of the new law. And on Tuesday the White House announced that the employer mandate – sometimes described as a “crucial” element of Obamacare – will be delayed to 2015 from its scheduled start on Jan. 1, 2014.

But the administration knows that come what may it must start transferring money to taxpayers via the healthcare “exchanges.” They must increase reliance on the government.

This is right out of the statist playbook.

Ever wonder why Social Security is so hard to reform? It’s because people have made economic decisions based on its existence. Grandma and Grandpa have long been counting on that check and come hell or flood that check is going to keep coming. They have made very real decisions which affect their everyday lives based on this payment. They, in short, are economically addicted to the payment.

A similar thing happens with food stamps and Medicare and Medicaid. People come to rely on these programs which then makes the programs nearly impossible to cut or even reform. The programs become part of the economic calculus of everyday life. As a result the politicians who promise to keep these programs going, even if the programs are hurting our economy, indeed the very foundation of a supposedly free society, are reelected. People become dependent and easily manipulated.

This is why, despite cutting a break for the crony corporatist friends of the White House, the administration desperately wants to get the subsidies going to people. They know that once the money begins to flow a whole segment of the American population will become addicted and essentially under the thumb of the state. It’s about control.

Those who seek to expand the footprint of government may tell themselves and the American public that they are doing it for humanitarian reasons. The real reason however is about power. Some interests benefit greatly from an expanded state (unions, government workers, statist politicians, big business in many cases) and they couldn’t care less for your quaint notions of “freedom” or “liberty.” You are a cog. You are a peon. You are to be bought off and dependent on the political class. That is (sadly) what Obamacare is fundamentally all about.

 At what point will they realize that this law is unworkable?”

Probably never. When key Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett wrote, after the delay announcement, that, “We are full steam ahead for the marketplaces opening on Oct. 1,” she was reflecting the administration’s determination to get the health care exchanges up and running no matter what. Delay the employer mandate? OK. Waive this or that rule? Fine. Just make sure the exchanges get going.

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