Detroit must reinvent itself, no bailout, What the city actually looks like (video)

Detroit 4 cc

This video comes from The Telegraph out of the UK. It shows a city which is in decay, which is dying, which is in need of new solutions.

It is a crying shame that Motown looks like this now. Once a world capital of commerce, now it is an island of the 3rd World. In fact in many ways it’s worse than many areas of the 3rd world.

Now there are calls to bail out the city. This would be a mistake on nearly every level. We must accept that change happens, that economies shift, and that sometimes shining cities of steel crumble and are reclaimed by the earth.

Many of us have felt the bitter winds of the current economy. Many of us have had to revamp our work and our lives to survive. In some cases people have found entirely novel ways even to prosper.

Detroit must do the same.

It must reinvent itself. It must downsize it’s ambitions, let go of the past, and concentrate on what it has going for it. The city is at the crossroads of of both Great Lakes shipping, and overland shipping into Canada. There is money to be made there. The city needs to figure out how to do it.

A bailout isn’t going to help that process, it will only extend the agony. It will only perpetuate the dysfuntion and despair.