Does the Virginia Governor have a completely legal crony fund?

McDonnell cc

The governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell finds himself wrapped up in an unseemly scandal worthy of Louisiana or Chicago. He took over $120,000 from a connected businessman for his daughter’s wedding (I wonder what his daughter thinks of that?) and other expenses.  It’s ugly and the governor has apologized and repaid the money. There are calls for the Republican’s resignation.

But as the attached article points out, this is just the stuff which appears to make an end run around the law. There are plenty of entirely legal ways for cronies to work the Virginia coffers including something called “The Governor’s Opportunity Fund” which distributes taxpayer funds at the Governor’s personal discretion.

(From The Campaign for Liberty)

Virginia Governor Bob “Tax Hike” McDonnell and his wife are being investigated by the FBI regarding allegations they used the Governor’s office to promote the interests of one of the Governor’s major donors. This donor also paid for McDonnell’s daughter’s wedding and provided other gifts for the Governor and his family.

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