Drug Companies Plan to Use Compounding Bill to Take Away Your Compounded Medications

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Compounded drugs are created specifically for patients. They are tailored by pharmacists. It’s quite a large market and many patients rely heavily on compounding to avoid ingredients which they are allergic to, etc. Big pharma sees the compounding market as an opportunity and would like it for itself. As such the industry has gone to the Senate.

(From ANH-USA)

What ANH-USA has feared in particular is that special interests in the pharmaceutical industry would try to use the call for federal regulation of compounding pharmacies to outlaw compounded estriol and thyroid and replace them with standard drugs. Compounded, bioidentical estriol became popular in the first place because the standard drug used for the same purpose was proven to be dangerous, a risk for both heart disease and cancer. It would be understandable that the drug companies would want this huge market back. Here is how some of them have gone about it.

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