Ethanol has a friend at the EPA

corn planting cc

The “ethanol mandate” is terrible policy and it became reality under a Republican president and Republican Congress in 2005. It mandates that fuel companies blend ethanol into their gasoline.

It was sold as a way of increasing energy independence, and a way to decrease pollution, including carbon emissions (which is still subject to debate). What it is for sure is a boondoggle for Midwest farming interests.

The ethanol in our gasoline makes our fuel less efficient. The growing and refining of corn into ethanol creates almost the same amount of carbon as an equivalent amount of gasoline. Ethanol contributes to higher grain costs which in turn contributes to higher costs for meat.

Ethanol means tax dollars going to Big Ag, my car not driving as far as it should, and more expensive steaks.  Lose, lose, lose.

(From The Examiner)

The American Coalition for Ethanol announced at the time, “We appreciate President Obama nominating Gina McCarthy as administrator of EPA, a step which shows the president’s continued commitment to ethanol and other renewable fuels.”

“President Obama has made an outstanding choice in his decision to nominate Gina McCarthy to be the next administrator of the EPA,” declared Tom Buis, president of Growth Energy, another ethanol lobby. The Renewable Fuels Association and the Advanced Ethanol Council also applauded her nomination.

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