Even Greek yogurt has its cronies. USDA pushes the dairy product into schools.

greek yogurt cc

I actually like Greek yogurt quite a lot. I have some chilling in my refrigerator as I write this. Soon I will enjoy its creamy goodness.

Sadly however the goodness is now tainted just a bit, as I have just learned that the Greek yogurt lobby (such a thing exists) has secured a nice little subsidy thanks to its lobbyists and Senator “Smiley” Schumer.

(From The Hill)

So far this year, Chobani, a New York-based company that produces the best-selling brand of yogurt in the country, paid $80,000 to Cornerstone Government Affairs to lobby Congress on its behalf, according to federal records. The company first hired the lobbying firm last July, shortly after Schumer petitioned the USDA.

The company, which owns the largest yogurt manufacturing facility in the world, a nearly one-million-square-foot plant in Twin Falls, Idaho, also praised the USDA announcement.

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