FCC warns companies not to skip income check for ‘Obama phones’

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The program was started under President Reagan but has indeed been ramped up under President Obama. 

In the wake of a recent expose showing Lifeline reps handing out phones to participants even though said participants indicated that they were going to turn around and sell them for drugs, the government is reminding reps to make sure everyone who wants a phone qualifies.

And no selling phones for drugs. Well, if you qualify you still can still sell the phone for drugs. But you’ve got to meet the income requirements. We really mean it this time.

*It should be noted that one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Lifeline program is the company TracFone, owned by one of the richest men in the world, Carlos Slim. The company has received hundreds of millions of dollars via this program. 

(From The Hill)

The notice from the FCC comes a few weeks after Project Veritas, a conservative organization led by activist James O’Keefe, released a video that shows distributors giving free Lifeline phones to people who said they planned to resell them. One of the recipients said he planned to use it for drug money.

An FCC official denied that the Project Veritas video or any other specific event triggered the notice.

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