Fighting the crony pork industry in Michigan, and for food freedom

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Industrial agriculture does not like the emergence of specialty farming. The Big Ag business model works when food is wrapped in plastic, commoditized, and shipped across the continent. Time and again if a small farmer seeks to sell something slightly outside of the industrial agriculture norm the regulatory hammer comes down. That is the partners of Big Ag in government bring the hammer down. Attached is a case in point.

(From The Healthy Home Economist)

“If they can issue a declaratory ruling that says anything with a straight tail or curly tail is an illegal pig, and neither the governor, the legislature or the courts say ‘hey wait a minute,’ then what’s to stop them from issuing a declaratory ruling that says any cow that is brown is feral and must be disposed of, or any chicken that is not raised in a hen house is a feral chicken?”

“Industrial agriculture wants all the market share. They want all the small farmers off the land, and they want to own the entire food production model.”

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