Gov’t Bureau ‘Creating a Google Earth on Every Financial Transaction,’ Senator Warns


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, sounds so nice. Somebody’s finally looking out for the consumer.

Well no actually. The Bureau appears to be much more interested in watching the consumer than protecting it.

Soon the government will know if you took any money out of an ATM, the amount, where, and when. The government under the CFPB will also soon be able to cancel loans up to 180 days out even if both lender and lendee are happy. That’s right, no home sale is really done until after 6 months now. I don’t see how this could make things more difficult in the economy.

Why does the government need such incredible powers over the economy and individuals?

To protect us from terrorists I am sure.

Honestly, what is going on these days? I ask this and I’m a pretty jaded guy.

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