“Healthcare doesn’t really cost that much.” Posting surgery prices online in OK, Docs save patients 85%

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You know why healthcare costs so much? It is completely opaque. It has become totally separated from the free market and price signals. As a result people suffer. People go bankrupt. People don’t get the treatment they need.

Insurance companies have grown fat partnering with government and are about to grow even fatter under Obamacare. These companies revel in government induced opacity. It makes them lots and lots of money. What the current medical establishment fears is not government, but a free market and truth in pricing.

(From KFOR.com)

“When we first started we thought we were about half the price of the hospitals,” Dr. Lantier remembers. “Then we found out we’re less than half price. Then we find out we’re a sixth to an eighth of what their prices are. I can’t believe the average person can afford health care at these prices.”

Their goal was to start a price war and they did.

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