Honolulu could be America’s next Detroit

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The 3rd world is always close in Hawaii. The infrastructure is failing and the city is falling farther and farther behind on its debt payments.

My bet is some other city on the North American continent will go critical before Honolulu, but The Examiner addresses the debt bomb in the middle of the Pacific.

(From The Examiner)

Oahu has, on average, one water main break a day. To make the necessary repairs, ratepayers will need to invest some $2 billion.

A park restroom facility at the popular Maunalua Bay in Hawaii Kai has been closed since February 2011, waiting for a $350,000 upgrade to its sewer system.

It’s just one example of problems, found in the dozens of parks and recreational facilities across the island, that will cost more than $1 billion to repair.

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