How Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar are saving Bay Area commuters during a major public transit strike

lyft cc

I was just in San Francisco and I used BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to get from the airport to my hotel. As subways go it wasn’t bad, but yesterday it was shut down due to a strike. The strike is ongoing. My trip from SFO to Powell Street would have been far more difficult had my trip been this week instead of last.

San Francisco is like New York in that there are many people who do not own cars. The place is packed onto the tip of a peninsula and parking costs a fortune. BART is a key part of life for many and now people can’t use it.

The market however, almost literally overnight, has rushed in to solve the problem. A new breed of taxi/rental car companies are helping Bay Area residents get to work.

(From Venture Beat)

Alternative transportation methods have been criticized and fined by various cities including San Francisco and New York for not respecting safety regulations or following laws that apply to cabs in the area. But days like today may show just how much they’re needed.

“This strike is an important illustration of why more transportation options – particularly low-cost options like uberX– are important for consumers, businesses and cities,” said Uber general manager Ilya Abyzov in an emailed statement. “It means that in the event of a strike, residents and visitors can rely on Uber to commute to work and get around the Bay Area without breaking the bank.”

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