“I don’t mind spying on terrorists, I just don’t like spying on all Americans.” – Rand Paul

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The old GOP is trying to take on Rand Paul, Senators Lee, Cruz, and the New Wave, but has failed once again. Chris Christie just looks out of touch, like he doesn’t really know what’s going on in the country. Not such a good thing for someone who thinks he should be president.

By 2016 we will have had 16 years of cluelessness. We’ve used up our margin. We don’t have the luxury of having a guy  as president who doesn’t understand where the country is going. We need an adult in the White House, and the neocon nonsense has got to stop. Otherwise, I don’t even want to say.

(From Politico)

Paul said the issue resonates particularly with young people, a key demographic Republicans need to attract in order to succeed in national elections.

“If you talk about some privacy issues like that, I think you will find youth coming to you,” said Paul, who said his own decision on whether to run for president won’t come until next year.

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