I should be able to rent my house for a week at a time, the hotel industry says I should not be able to

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I will state that I am not particularly interested in my neighborhood turning into a string of hostels (which it wouldn’t anyway) but this can be addressed easily enough via a homeowners association. The hotel industry should not be able to keep me from using my property as I see fit so long as it does not inconvenience my neighbors or harm their property. According to The Institute for Justice 84% of my fellow Americans agree with me.

(From IJ.org)

Meanwhile, as the Institute for Justice reported back in May, in New York, “renting out one’s own property for less than a month is actually illegal.”  Nigel Warren was even fined $2,400 for renting his New York apartment for three nights through Airbnb.  Like in New Orleans, the Hotel Association of New York is staunchly opposed to easing up on sites like Airbnb.

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Click here to book a room on Airnb. (We have no affiliation with these folks, but we like their business model.)