IRS Execs “Commute” via plane, Charge taxpayers for flights (3 over $100K last year)

jet cc

One would think that to be an executive at the IRS one would at the very least have to reside generally in the Washington DC region. But not so. Some top IRS brass live in places such as Dallas, Atlanta, and Minneapolis. These guys must be pretty indispensable because it’s costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars to have them fly in.

Remember though, that travel is taxable.


In other words, they would fly weekly to and from Washington, D.C. by plane, and then bill the taxpayer for that travel and their extended stay in D.C. – and it is not a temporary situation, but has been going on for years.

One IRS official, labeled “Executive B” in the report, traveled to Washington, D.C. a total of 282 days in Fiscal Year 2012, claiming almost $127,000 in travel costs. (That’s $450/day if you do the math.)

In FY 2011, “Executive B” traveled to Washington 238 days, with total travel costs of almost $116,000.

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