More crony media: NBC will soon air a miniseries about Hillary Clinton

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We give the Dems a hard time here, and we give the GOP a hard time too.  Both parties engage in crony capitalism all the time, but in slightly different ways. The #oldmedia however have been and will likely to continue to be in the bag for the Democrats. I think this is a fair thing to say.

There are those who argue that the #oldmedia is a corporate oligarchy, and that this proves that there can be no overreaching “media bias” in favor of what some still refer to as the “Left” in this country. True, Noam Chomsky isn’t often interviewed on Dateline.

Anyone who stirs up the pot is not welcome on #oldmedia.

But the establishment “Left” is very welcome. Those who embrace a generally Left (again this is an antiquated term which does not reflect what is going on in current American politics, but I’ll use it as shorthand here) oriented politics with a heavy dose of corporatism are ideal candidates for the #oldmedia.

Let’s not forget that Chelsea Clinton is “employed” by NBC news.(She just did a scintillating interview with the GEICO Gecko which should not be missed.)

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Now NBC is doing a Hillary Clinton infomercial. I wonder if Hillary becomes president whether NBC will have a special place at the White House banquet table?

Also, given the time frame of the miniseries as outlined in the attached article, 1998-present, the story should pretty much wrap up with whatever went down in Benghazi. What are the odds that any light will be shown on those attacks?

About the same odds as Chelsea getting fired from Rock Center.

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