Nat Hentoff at Cato: Second American Revolution Underway (?)

hentoff ccThese are not the lunatic rantings of some guy in the wilds of Idaho. They come from a widely respected writer who has spent over 50 years writing about speech (and jazz) in the world’s preeminent journals.

When a guy who wrote for 5 decades at the Village Voice says the president, a liberal president, has violated the spirit of his office and the great American social contract (Hentoff uses stronger words) we should pay attention.

That he is also saying these things with the blessing of one of the most important think tanks in Washington DC is also worth noting.


I, too, think that in view of its record through the years, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court must no longer exist. But any credible constitutional replacement would also obviously require the replacement of this president and the current, absurdly named Justice Department.

Eric Lichtblau’s recent front-page New York Times expose is a deeply important corollary exposure of the unconstitutionality of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and its prime beneficiary — the still boundlessly unconstitutional NSA. Reading what follows about this secret court’s utter contempt for the separation of powers — fully supported by Obama — makes me ask, again, how can this president not be impeached for ravaging the oath of office?

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