Noonan: A Bombshell in the IRS Scandal, finger pointed at IRS chief council in Washington DC

William-Wilkins cc

Well it looks like the Zimmerman fit the country had (on both sides) is subsiding, and surprise surprise the IRS scandal still lingers, indeed appears to be growing. The IRS chief council William Wilkins, a direct Obama appointee and a big time political donor (mostly Democrat), has been implicated.

Bizarrely, Wilkins in addition to being the current IRS chief council also defended Jeremiah Wright’s organization for free when it came under IRS scrutiny in 2008.  Weird.

Rep. Trey Gowdy, a South Carolina Republican, finally woke the proceedings up with what he called “the evolution of the defense” since the scandal began. First, Ms. Lerner planted a question at a conference. Then she said the Cincinnati office did it—a narrative that was advanced by the president’s spokesman, Jay Carney. Then came the suggestion the IRS was too badly managed to pull off a sophisticated conspiracy. Then the charge that liberal groups were targeted too—”we did it against both ends of the political spectrum.” When the inspector general of the IRS said no, it was conservative groups that were targeted, he came under attack. Now the defense is that the White House wasn’t involved, so case closed.

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