North Carolina Ends Teacher Tenure, Teachers Will Now Have to Be Good at Their Jobs to Keep Them

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God bless the Tar Heel state. First Michael Jordan and now this. Absolutely great news.

That teachers get lifetime tenure, jobs for life, anywhere, is absolutely criminal. I’m not being over the top. It is a crime against taxpayers and students. No one should get paid for just showing up.

I was lucky enough to know a number of great teachers going through school. CE Johnson, Jr. was probably my favorite. He was brilliant and respectful and professional. He was a great government teacher. But even he didn’t deserve lifetime tenure. Not that he would ever need to worry, which is the point.

But for every CE Johnson, Jr., I probably had 5 teachers who were clearly just going through the motions. This was their paycheck and they were counting down the years until their pension kicked in. And I was in a good school district. I can just imagine what New York City schools are like.

My old Yugoslavian astronomy professor once said that the downfall of American public education was when teachers gave up their position as “professionals” and threw in in their lot with the unions. He always made the point that Einstein couldn’t teach physics in the USA but that many people who didn’t really know physics did, and could never be fired.


Under the new plan, top performers will be offered four year contracts, while others will be on one or two year contracts.

It’s not exactly at-will employment—the kind of jobs that most of us have, in which both parties can choose to end the period of employment whenever they like, without advance warning—but it’s a heckuva lot closer.

Naturally, local union officials are flipping out:

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