NSA Surveillance Scandal: The Polls Are In, and NSA Spying is Really, Really Unpopular

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Well, then this should stop it then right?

What is truly amazing though is that a sizable minority is still OK with the NSA spying on innocent civilians. Thankfully they are in the minority.  Let’s hope that with time this group becomes smaller and smaller.

(From Policy Mic)

Virtually every other poll validates the critical fact evidenced by the Rasmussen, YouGov, and CBS polls: Americans are strongly opposed to being spied on by their own government. AGuardian/PPP poll taken June 10-11 revealed that 50% of Americans oppose the government collecting their phone and Internet meta-data, while only 40% approve. A Gallup poll taken on June 10-11 reported that 53% of Americans disapprove of the NSA’s domestic surveillance, while only 37% expressed their approval. In a FOX News poll conducted between June 22-24, 61% of Americans disapproved of how the administration “is handling the government’s classified surveillance program that collects the phone and Internet records of U.S. citizens.”

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