Obama, Holder meet to determine what journalism is now against the law

Holder-Obama cc

The 1st Amendment is so lame.

Don’t forget, this is the president who told the press to “behave” during a press conference in South Africa because they were asking him too many questions about the half dozen scandals orbiting around his White House.

Watch to see if the administration tries to narrowly define the term “reporter.” My bet is this is going to be their tack. If one doesn’t have one’s “journalist license” (given of course by the state) one had better watch out.

This is part of the “legitimate press” narrative pushed by Biden during the gun debate. Basically MSNBC, maybe CNN, the New York Times most of the time, are legit. Pretty much everyone else is illegitimate. And the alternative press? The online press challenging the establishment? Those guys are completely outside the grasp of the administration and are therefore scum.

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