Obamacare called ‘A fiasco for the ages’ – Obama’s Iraq War

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There was hope from many that Mr. Obama would “grow into the office.” It is clear now that he has failed to grow. Obamacare was rammed through Congress, against the will of a majority of Americans at the time, and still now, in haste and hubris. He has hurt this country deeply. Obamacare is a disaster which has grave implications for this nation even if it was marginally functional. But it’s clear now that it’s not functional in the least. It’s the kind of scheme thought up by kids at model United Nations conferences. It has no grounding in reality and implementation appears to be impossible. Not that billions won’t be wasted in an effort to save face.

This president has forced through the “Affordable Care Act” partnering with the pharmaceutical and insurance industries; waged an illegal war in Libya; killed US citizens with drone strikes without trial; left diplomats to die in Benghazi while he was raising money at a party in Las Vegas; has bugged members of the press; has furthered a massive spying operation of the entire American people in clear violation of the 4th Amendment; his Attorney General has brought none of the big players from the 2008 banking crisis to any justice. And all this is just for starters. Obama it is fair to say at this point is a failed president.

There is no pleasure in saying this. We had a pretty awful president before Mr. Obama too. GW Bush got us involved in at least one massive war which we should never have been involved in; he expanded Medicare part D at great cost to the country; he spearheaded the passage of the Patriot Act which laid the foundation for later abuses of the Constitution; he was a big government conservative who closed the book officially on the GOP as “the party of small government.” Never forget that Bush was the guy who with Hank Paulson initiated the blind bailout of Goldman Sachs, AIG, GE, and company in 2008, and who said that he had to “abandon the the principals of the free market to save the free market system.”  W was another guy people said would “grow into the office” who in my estimation never did.

So now we’re nearly a decade and a half into bad, really bad, executive leadership. The “Affordable Care Act” may end up being “Obama’s Iraq.” The current president has mired us in another debacle which is rooted in arrogance and ambition just as we were emerging from the last one in the sands of the Middle East.

We’d better hope the next person in the White House has a little more sense and a lot more humility. Our margin for presidential error is gone.

(From The Washington Times)

Valerie Jarrett, the president’s most trusted (if not necessarily most competent) adviser, promised that the determined president is “staying the course.” This is not reassuring, either, since it’s “the course” that’s the source of the disaster. The flood has washed out the bridge across the river, but never mind, the road to where the bridge used to be is still there.

Obamacare probably can’t be fixed short of dumping it and starting over, but this would require an admission by the president and his men (and women) that they’re as incompetent and maladroit as events reveal them to be.

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