Obamacare employer mandate delay offers temporary relief to employers, economy

train wreck cc

At least some employers are happy. Big pharma and the insurance industry are probably not. However given how much difficulty the government is having getting the “exchanges” up, who knows. Maybe even these key beneficiaries of Obamacare are thankful for the delay. The “train wreck” as Democratic senator Baucus famously called Obamacare, has been moved down the track a bit, at least for employers (and their employees).

(From Bloomberg.com)

While the Obama administration said the exchanges were on track to open for enrollment at the law’s Oct. 1 deadline, the delay promises to complicate their operations, said Kevin Counihan, executive director of the state of Connecticut’s exchange, in a telephone interview.

Government subsidies for uninsured people who buy coverage through the exchanges are supposed to be available only for those not offered affordable health insurance on the job. The markets will now have to figure out how to verify eligibility without employers reporting their benefits, Counihan said.

The government could demand subsidies back from consumers when they file tax returns in 2015, although that might produce a political “horror show,” he said.

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