Obama’s Ad-Men: Corporations lining up to get Obama team’s “secret sauce.”

SM 2013 cc

It’s actually not so secret. They were very good at micro-targeting and understanding the nuances of specific target groups. They were effective at pinging on ideas that appealed to small but electorally important groups. Put enough of these groups together and an election is won.

During the election I was hammered with Obama ads as I listened to Pandora. I have a propensity for hipsterish rock and old school R&B so I probably fit the likely Obama music demo.

Though they missed with me, I recognized their strategy and they probably hit more than they missed with other folks.

The Republicans in contrast ran a barely better than 2000 election from a technological standpoint. Over and over the GOP tripped all over themselves looking tired and old and technologically out of touch. It mattered, quite a lot. It probably meant the election. Romney was a terrible candidate, but he was also sold extremely poorly.

If the GOP plans on sticking around they had better learn something from the Obama PR team. The Obamite crew can be beaten, in fact if conditions are right they can be crushed, however Ari Fleicher and the GOP election establishment which made millions running a woeful campaign have no idea how to do it.

In the meantime team Obama (and they will be a factor going forward) is cozying up more closely with corporate America.

GOP, there was a time when you guys were the smart ones.

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