Paul Krugman’s Delusions About (libertarian) Populism

krugman comic

Paul Krugman just does not see how free markets and prices could appeal to anyone, but particularly and especially to those who are not wealthy. The poor have no interest in an economy which is free he believes. The best the poor (indeed most people who are not as privileged as he is) can hope for are the bits and pieces, the dregs, a socialized economy can “provide.” The best bet for the poor is always is in the collective. Freedom has no point for those Krugman feels will never be free anyway. Better the poor cling to their welfare and keep their horizons low.

(From Real Clear Politics)

But boil this all down to its essence, and what does a free-market ideology, or so-called “libertarian populism,” have to offer to the poor? Well, it offers them the exact opposite of more and better welfare payments. It offers the possibility of raising themselves up out of poverty through opportunities for work and enterprise. And this is precisely where President Obama and his supporters have been failing the country.

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