The AMA sets surgery rates which are way above the market rate

How a secretive panel uses data that distorts doctors’ pay

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Credit where credit is due. Good job Washington Post, good job.

The American Medical Association is setting the cost of surgery at rates which are way higher than what some people (you know, you, me, anyone who believes in honest pricing) thinks they should be.

And guess what? The rate the AMA sets is the rate at which Medicare pays.

The AMA appears (according to The Washington Post) to have a secret(ive) surgeon star chamber (boy there seem to be a number of star chambers these days) which determines the rate at which surgeons are to be reimbursed by the taxpayers via Medicare.

No wonder health care costs so much.

Just watch the video in the article attached. The head of the AMA star chamber just freezes and fumbles when the light is shined on her. It’s kind of uncomfortable.

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