The Farm Bill: Small government abandoned yet again by House Republicans

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This piece comes from Andrew Moylan at The R Street Institute and he makes it pretty clear – the big agriculture cronies won in the farm bill, and the American taxpayer lost, again, at the hands of the supposedly “conservative” Republicans in the House.

We subsidize crops which are at record high prices and insurance schemes which encourage farmers to plant where they shouldn’t.

This costs the taxpayers of this country tens of billions of dollars.

All for farmers who on average make much more than most Americans and who often who have significant land wealth.  It’s a rural jack, plain and simple, and on a massive scale.

(From The R Street Institute)

With this month’s passage of a farm bill that doles out tens of billions of dollars in subsidies to agribusiness interests, the Republican-controlled House has signaled that the class of 2010 dream of a genuinely “small government” majority is well and truly dead.

Passed by a narrow margin after just 12 Republicans joined every House Democrat in voting against it, the bill gets almost everything wrong. It’s an exercise in client politics passed through antidemocratic tactics and expands some of the least useful federal programs while outspending both the Democratic Senate and the profligate Obama White House.

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