The happy death of “political correctness” for those who think.

This has nothing to do with “crony capitalism.” Just the thoughts of your humble editor.

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While others say don’t hate nothing at all, Except hatred.” – Bob Dylan

“He not busy being born is busy dying,” – Bob Dylan

I have no tolerance for hatred. People who are consumed by disgust and ill will for their fellow man, whether black, white, Asian, Indian, Berber, Basque or gay, are not people I choose to associate with. I frankly pity them.

I believe that everyone, everyone, has the right to be the person they are. When people are consumed with self-loathing because of their religion, their “race,” their sexual orientation, or something else which is determined beyond them is terribly sad. No one should walk around disgusted with who one is by virtue of a roll of the cosmic dice. One should be able to contribute to society and actualize oneself to the maximum extent so long as this actualization does not infringe on others.

Are you gay? Fine. Start preaching to the son of a fundamentalist preacher who doesn’t want you preaching to him? You’ve crossed a line.

The United States is a special place. Live and let live.

Tolerance does not mean celebration. But it does mean that you are respected equally under the law. Whether black, white, gay or straight, you are entitled in this great American experiment to equal protection under the law. This is the very important positive “liberal” legacy of the mid-20th century and my “conservative” friends should acknowledge it.

However, there are also many people who use the code words of “tolerance” today but who are not interested at all in tolerance. This is also a vestige of mid-20th century American liberalism. The politically correct crowd. The thought police. They thought they had won, but the Obama administration is proving a bitter defeat, even though he was re-elected.

The people who preached “tolerance” when I was in college, the people who insisted on highlighting the differences in our humanity because it was to their perceived advantage, are now increasingly seen as charlatans by smart people. This is new and important.

The PC crowd have always been seen as anti-intellectual even by the academic establishment which cheered them on. (Though these good white intellectuals never said so in polite company.) But now people are starting to say so publicly. The tones are hushed but they are getting louder from the liberal establishment.

The political correctness experiment has failed not only socially but intellectually and fundamentally as an ethos. It is dead to those who really care about social ideas. Sure there are plenty of hack professors who will defend political correctness to the bitter end, but remember, their paycheck depends on them defending political correctness until the bitter end. It’s why they were hired in the first place.

Now times have changed but they still need to pay their mortgages. What are they going to do but defend the religion they are steeped in? I don’t blame them. Everyone has to eat. My suggestion is that they bow out gracefully now with their nice cushy pensions while they still can.

The vestiges of political correctness will carry on. For a while, while these “thought leaders” are still around we will have to tolerate (and I mean that) their behind the times preaching. And I will agree with the PC crowd on one important point. A society dominated by white males is just lame. Times have changed. The market of ideas has changed. No longer do people who do not share a European ancestry have to ask for permission to attend the world’s greatest schools and to participate fundamentally on the world stage.

Not only don’t they have to ask permission, they are leading the way whether credentialed or not.

The future is an entrepreneurial future. It knows no race. It knows no gender. Make the world a better place and the world will reward you.

The cult of political correctness should be put to rest with other terrible ideas of the 20th Century, like fascism and communism, and the Klan.

Do you think some programmer in Calcutta needs my permission as a white male American to succeed? Hell no. And that is the way it should be. Thankfully it is also the way that it is.