The Huge Threat to Capitalism That Republicans Are Ignoring


We had a good article from The Washington Post, and today we’re featuring one from The Atlantic. Have the libertarians infiltrated the mass media? I don’t think so but it’s great to see crony capitalism (the huge threat) being discussed in mainstream periodicals.

The author of the attached article is right. If the Republicans actually believe in capitalism they had better start railing against crony capitalism more tenaciously. Otherwise the statists will just gobble up more and more of the economy.

But the GOP hasn’t been a party of free markets for a very long time. Many of it’s members participate in crony capitalism and are reluctant to let go of the teet. Many a career on Capitol Hill (not to mention a LOT of money) has been made by Republicans pandering to military contractors for instance. And there are many other examples which we’ve documented here.

Capitalism, the voluntary exchange of goods and services, is just, it is fair. Crony capitalism, where business partners with the state for special benefits is unjust and unfair.

The Republicans better hurry up and get religion, because the reformation is happening and they just might find themselves on the wrong side of history.