Update: 911 audio of woman arrested in Charlottesville after buying a case of bottled water.

c-ville ccAgain, this is in my adopted hometown. Ann Downey, student at UVA, was accosted by 6 plain clothes ABC agents (the bureau which controls alcohol sales in the Commonwealth of Virginia) in a parking lot near the University of Virginia. They thought that she had purchased beer illegally. What she actually bought was a case of water.

Here is the audio from her 911 call to the police after the plain clothes agents rushed her car. Reportedly one agent drew his weapon. Ms. Downey was forced to spend a night in jail because she drove away from her unknown assailants who apparently didn’t like that she left.

Isn’t the rule, especially for young women, that if one is not absolutely sure that someone flashing a badge is a cop one finds someone one knows for sure is a cop?

And let’s also remember, what the cops thought the girl bought was a 12 pack of beer.

They drew a gun on her for that.

The ABC is an agency which has long since lost it’s reason for existence. If they are reduced to having 6 agents swarm a college student for a 12 pack of beer it’s time to consider whether the resources of the ABC can be used more effectively elsewhere.

The agency only holds on because of its powerful connections in Richmond. Now is the time to finally get rid of this waste of Virginia tax dollars. We can handle private liquor stores here. It’s OK.The world will not end. Everyone knows the bootleggers were the good guys anyway.