Want to make a craft beer? No capital? Check these guys out.


The alcohol industry is full of cronyism. From who gets distribution licenses, to state run liquor stores, to shady deals between moonshiners and revenuers, to lobbying at the highest levels of government. A generation ago it was even illegal to brew your own beer. (Jimmy Carter championed ending the ban. About the only thing he got right.)

How does one fight the system (assuming one would even want to?) Start a craft brew and then sell it for a profit. Crowdbrewed.com has even developed a way to gather capital if one is good at brewing but a little light in the wallet.

Bank loans are very hard to come by since the market demise of 2008.  The number of bank closings and consolidations over the past four years making loans much harder to get. Banks require collateral and exceptional credit. In many instances one or both are not available by the loan seeker.

Crowdfunding gives those with limited access to necessary capital the opportunity to seek funding from the public directly as opposed to relying on banks as the primary source for funding. The main advantage of crowdfunding over traditional funding is that it does not have to be paid back and that the investments made are done so either out of the goodness of someone’s heart or in exchange for an item, product, service or “reward”.

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