Washington Post: Libertarianism and the coming Republican political war

chains cc

The most important movement in American politics right now is the libertarian one.

I was speaking with some folks in DC yesterday and everyone was talking about the Amash NSA vote in the House. While conversing with a generally “conservative” crowd the consensus seemed to be that things were starting to get real in the GOP caucus. Leadership refuses to stand up for the Constitution, against government and corporations colluding, and for reducing government generally. Many Republicans in Washington DC are starting to wonder if they have been had.

Their constituents certainly feel had and that is why people in Congress are starting to pay attention. Government is never reduced. Never. Year to year it never ever gets smaller. Many people who have long called themselves “conservative” are starting to ask why this is.

Keep asking.

What is also interesting is that a number of liberal/progressive folks are starting to get wise to the leviathan state too. This phenomenon is in the embryonic stages but may prove important in coming years too.

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