Booker: “The Power of People is Greater Than the People in Power”

cory booker cc

This platitude was only the beginning.

Cory Booker, the articulate young mayor of Newark and shoo-in to be next New Jersey senator, was being interviewed this Sunday on Meet the Press. He also said: ” When people come together, we make [sic] remarkable results.”

If this was Booker’s platform, it is hard to say what it means. However, the candidate did say a couple of  things that can actually be analyzed. He said that he generally disagreed with Governor Christie. Since Christie is candid about what he believes, that provides a clue.

Booker also said  that racial inequality is just an aspect of a larger problem of income inequality. Hm. Race and income would seem to be logically different, a case of apples and oranges. Nobody’s actions affect their race. Therefore race discrimination is wrong. But our actions do affect our income. Hence America has historically extolled equality of opportunity rather than equality of result. There are all sorts of logical problems with equality of result. For one thing, it would have to be enforced, which would make  the enforcers top dogs and no longer equal. Didn’t we already see enough of this in the Soviet Union? We do have a problem of crony capitalism which makes some people undeservedly wealthy, but Booker said nothing about that.

Speaking of crony capitalism, didn’t the New Republic of all publications report on what the headline called “Cory Booker’s Shady Role in Web Start Up Waywire?” Booker got the biggest piece of this web company, funded by Booker’s campaign donors, while he was busy being mayor. What did he actually do to earn his multi-million stake? And how exactly does this help the poor of Newark, which has a sky high unemployment rate?

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