“Capitol Hill, it turns out, is one colossal golden-domed (Obamacare) exemption.”

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Senator Grassley inserted an amendment into the original Obamacare law which would have made Congress and their staffs fall under Obamacare, like the rest of the country. But as we have seen time and time again, the rules even Congress makes for itself don’t apply to Congress. Capitol Hill is a privileged club, a tier above the general population, and they have absolutely no intention of giving up this status.

(From Real Clear Politics)

“Washington is an island surrounded by reality,” Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, likes to say.

In an effort to inject some reality into the Beltway, Grassley introduced an amendment to the Affordable Care Act to require that members of Congress and their staff get their health care from the new Obamacare exchanges. “Congress should live under the laws it creates. That includes Obamacare,” Grassley explained.

Enter Washington reality: The rules don’t apply to the governing class.

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