Christian Science Monitor: Paul Ryan and Obamacare: Can (should) he stop Ted Cruz’s government shutdown?

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Can he? I think the real question is – should he?

Obamacare is a bundle of crony capitalist red tape which will make your life more difficult. There are exceptions of course. If one is a drug company there is a good chance that one is going to make a ton of money with Obamacare, so your life might get better. But for most of us, this won’t be the case.

In earlier posts we have acknowledged 2 important points with regard to the American healthcare system.

1. US citizens should not be thrown into bankruptcy because of a catastrophic diagnosis. If possible, and assuming the person is viable economically prior to diagnosis (that is that bankruptcy actually means something to them) we must find ways to help people avoid nuking their financial life.

2. The issue of pre-existing conditions must be addressed. If one has epilepsy (for example) one should be able to get needed drugs.

I am a former insurance underwriter. I used to look at systemic risk. There are ways to address these issues within the market. However, the dream of socialized healthcare runs deep among some in this country and the Big Pharma lobbyists have very deep pockets, so we now find ourselves saddled with the potential disaster which is Obamacare. It is a Frankenstein law which satisfies the statists and the healthcare corporations but which will potentially ravage the American landscape.

Senator Ted Cruz wants to fund the federal government with the exception of Obamacare, that is to use the “power of the purse strings” to effectively nullify Obamacare. The onus is then on the Dems, who will have the choice – shut down the federal government, or insist on funding this “train wreck” as Democratic Senator Max Baucus called the roll out of the “Affordable Care Act.”.

The GOP leadership is afraid to stand up and stop Obamacare using the purse strings, to draw a line in the sand. Boehner’s a politician, a big government politician, of the old school. If he were to fall in line with Cruz, a very junior senator and far outside of leadership, this is a major loss for Boehner, even though it would be a win for the American people.

And Paul Ryan finds himself in the middle, though he is looking more and more marginalized with each passing day.

(From The Christian Science Monitor)

(Cruz said.) “Right now, we don’t have the votes…. I’m going to be perfectly candid, we can’t win this fight,” he told the 300 libertarian students. “The only people who can win this fight are you. The only way we win this fight is if the American people rise up in overwhelming numbers and demand our elected officials to do the right thing and stand for principle.”

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