Crony funeral directors try to kill monk’s casket building business through regulation

Catholic monks cc

We’ve written about this before, but there is a possibility that this case will be taken up by the Supreme Court so we’ll revisit it. Plus one just has to love monks.They are committed to a spiritual life, basically just want to be left alone, and as far as I have known (I grew up Catholic) always seek to pay their own way. Often monks make beer or ale to get by, and so have long contributed to the corporeal world. Anyone who enjoys craft beer owes a debt of gratitude to Catholic monks.

In this case the brothers don’t build hearty stouts, or hefeweizens, they build caskets.

The funeral directors of Louisiana are not very happy about it.

(From The Washington Times)

The monks are locked in a legal struggle with the Louisiana State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors, which objects to them selling handmade caskets, something the monks began doing several years ago. It’s a crime in Louisiana for anyone but a state-licensed funeral director to sell caskets. The state threatened the monks with criminal charges, fines and jail time unless they stopped selling their wooden caskets.

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