Free market Detroit: How a new private bus system is serving residents abandoned by the city

Detroit Bus co cc

This is how Detroit rises from the ashes.

A year ago, before Detroit had officially declared bankruptcy we suggested that the city declare itself a free market zone. Get the dysfunctional government out of the way, lower taxes, and let the market solve the problems of the city. Why not? It literally had nothing to lose.

We suggested that Detroit would blossom if that happened. The city is blessed with a wonderful location at an important crossroads of trade in North America. It could live again, if it just got government out of the way.

Enter The Detroit Bus Company.

In most cities a private bus company would never be tolerated. The bus drivers union would throw a fit, as would the mechanics who work for the city. But in Detroit things are so dysfunctional that there is little choice.

One entrepreneur has figured out how to serve the people of Detroit in a way that makes sense within the market. Where government has failed to provide mass transit the market has succeeded. This in a space which many people argue must be subsidized due to the low income of the patrons. Apparently this isn’t true even in Detroit.

This is the way forward Detroit. Innovate your way out of the mess you find yourself in. See this time as an opportunity. Government is hobbled. It can’t stop you. Start a business. Offer a solution. Make the world a better place.

Like this kid.