George Will: If he thinks libertarianism a “dangerous thought,” people may think Christie himself is “dangerous”

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It is no secret that this site is a fan of small government. In our opinion the only real way to fight crony capitalism, the collusion of business, special interests, and government, is to shrink the government. Crony capitalism only happens with an intrusive state. It only happens when government is big enough to pick winners and losers. Intrusive government is the catalyst for crony capitalism.

Can corporations be corrupt without government? Absolutely.

Can unions be corrupt without government? Absolutely.

But the power of the corrupt expands when the corrupt can use law to compel the marketplace.

Libertarianism, as Will points out has many variations and strains, but generally it is about protecting the dignity of the individual, and advocates for a very limited government. Libertarians believe that transactions should be voluntary, and win win. This is how society has always progressed. This is how technology and food and societies and everything get better.

It is typically when vested interests (large companies, government agencies, unions) seek to disrupt this great experiment that things such as wars, bailouts for giant banks, and segregation of people by race happens. People freely trading with one another, respecting each other’s differences, tend not to kill one another despite what Hobbes said. Free people, secure in their property, tend to make their societies better.

Chris Christie is a big government guy. He has no idea how the average everyday people of the world could order themselves without wise and benevolent overlords. This is why he has attacked libertarianism. Basically he fears a free society. George Will has called him out.

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