Government Motors cuts the price of a new Volt

Cost of Volt

According to the Mackinac Center at one point in 2011 every Volt one saw on the road had over $200,000 taxpayer dollars in it. Now that they’ve made a few more we are confident that the number is lower, thank goodness. However it does still have plenty of subsidy in it that one can be sure of.

The hope is that cutting the price of the Volt by $5,000 will bring more buyers to the showroom. With the $7500 tax credit that’s a good bit of dough.

I am a fan of “alternative energies.” There are places where wind, solar, geothermal, and even algae power make sense from a market perspective. But the Volt was almost Soviet style social planning in one respect and just good old crony capitalism in another respect. For all the good the car can do in reducing emissions, etc., it is far outweighed by the bad–that is to say the mountains of taxpayer money–that went into the vehicle.

But hey, they are on sale. So maybe now is the time to buy. Why purchase a masterfully designed, and very fuel efficient BMW 3 Series when you can buy a Chevy from Government Motors?

(From The Detroit News)

General Motors Co. is slashing the price of its plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volt by $5,000, making it the latest automaker to lower prices of electric vehicles in the face of lagging consumer demand.

The Detroit-based automaker said it will cut the base price 12.5 percent, from $39,995 to $34,995. The price cut comes just weeks after the automaker announced a $5,000 give-back on the 2012 Volt and $4,000 on the 2013 model.

The first Volt, a 2010 model, cost $41,000.

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