Have we become Rome?

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The DC political class engages in gossip and intrigue and concerns itself with fashion and parties. It is “This Town.” Meanwhile things continue to get more and more real for the citizens in the hinterlands where the economy continues to slowly go out like a mid moon tide.

Pish posh, never mind the narrow minded “flyover country” people. They do not understand the life we Washingtonians live. They are lucky we still let them visit the capital city in those horrid buses. Do people from Indiana ever fly on a plane for crying out loud? Why don’t they just go back to their Tea Party rallies, or whatever they do with their time.

(From The National Review)

Sometime in the mid-first century a.d., an otherwise little known consular official, Gaius Petronius, wrote a brilliant satirical novel about the gross and pretentious new Roman-imperial elite. The Satyricon is an often-cruel parody about how the Roman agrarian republic of old had degenerated into a wealth-obsessed, empty society of wannabe new elites, flush with money, and both obsessed with and bored with sex. Most of the Satyricon is lost. But in its longest surviving chapter — “Dinner with Trimalchio” — Petronius might as well have been describing our own 21st-century nomenklatura.

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