Noam Chomsky says on Democracy Now that Sarah Palin was right on Obama (Video)

Chomsky cc

He makes it clear that he doesn’t agree with Palin on much, but on the “hopey changey stuff,” Chomsky explains, she was correct.

The Obama brand was sold and people bought it.  We now have a president sitting in the White House, the only president we know of, who has ordered the assassination of US citizens without trial. We have a president who started an illegal war in in Libya. I am almost positive that the hipsters who voted for Obama didn’t see that coming. Oh and pushing Adam Swartz to suicide for downloading articles off of a server. And, then there are tens if not hundreds of gross violations of civil liberties any real liberal should be out of their mind about.

At least Chomsky is. Good for him.

Noam Chomsky and I disagree on many points but there are some where we agree.This would be one of them. Props to Sarah Palin, she was right. And props to Noam Chomsky for speaking the truth.