QE Is Not Money Printing, It Is Betrayal

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I don’t agree with every single point made, but the attached is a very interesting essay. The core point is dead on. “Quantitative easing” is a trick. It is fundamentally about deception. And people want to be deceived especially considering the economic chickens waiting to come home to roost.

We are still in bad shape. Markets have not been allowed to clear. Sooner or later they will have to. When they do, whether quickly or slowly, there will be much pain. For the time being however the world remains willfully deceived.

(From Real Clear Markets)

Clipping coins intends to deceive for the selfish good of whomever is clipping; QE is perpetrated as deceit for our own collective good. The end result in both is that whoever is on the receiving end is poorer for the deception. QE betrayed the world in a futile dollar promise, and now we get to watch as banks, systems and nations realize they were again the fools.

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