Ron Paul vs the Crony Media in 2012

ron paul crowd

Put aside the hyperbole in bold type in this video. Put aside the dramatic music. What it offers is a pretty accurate account of how the media handled Ron Paul in the 2012 election. It was nasty, it was probably coordinated, and the media effectively thwarted a campaign which threatened to derail the Romney campaign and I think it is fair to say ultimately the Obama campaign.

I post this video because I sense there has been an awakening over the last year. Many people who long held themselves out as part of the Republican Party because of its supposedly conservative disposition are wondering if they have been had. If they’ve been lied to for a very long time. That maybe a choice between Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton is no real choice at all. That maybe it’s time to get real. And that perhaps in retrospect Ron Paul was an historically good choice.

The banking industry hated Ron Paul because he called for an end to the Federal Reserve. The Fed is a big giant safety net for Wall Street. Wall Street isn’t going to let the Fed get shut down, or even looked at closely. The Fed exists to save the big banking interests and Ron Paul was highlighting this fact. This stood in direct conflict with what the Fed says it’s all about, that is, the management of the economy for the greater good. The Fed is Wall Street and the other giant banks which float in clouds around the globe. The Fed and the banks are one. They’d prefer if the president of the United States did not point this out.

Ron Paul also directly challenged the military industrial complex.

I grew up a Navy brat and I am to this day a proud Navy Football fan. (Go Navy! Beat Army!) But the military is so vast, so colossal, so out of control in terms of cost, that no one really knows how much it costs the taxpayers of the United States. And that is exactly the way the big military contractors want it. There are billions and billions and billions of dollars at stake. So long as a large portion of America continues to write a blank check to the contractors (in the name of defending America) the contractors make money hand over fist. The last thing these guys want is a spotlight turned on their failings and waste in Iraq, Afghanistan, and beyond.

So the big banks and the military industrial complex both felt that Ron Paul was an existential threat. No wonder he was marginalized at every turn. Those are 2 big fights to pick.

The truth is many in the Republican establishment decided that they would much rather deal with Obama who was bought and paid for than Ron Paul who was a Republican but who was going to shake up the joint. Obama might be a big government guy, but much of the Republican establishment is for big government. They want bank bailouts. They want a military which is so large no one can put a dollar figure on the actual cost of our adventurism. Obama wasn’t going to end this sort of thing. Ron Paul just might be able to.

The GOP for a long time hasn’t been the party of “limited government.” 2012 proved that without a doubt, and the media, which had bigger fish to fry than Romney happily played along and demonized or ignored Ron Paul.

Again, take the dramatic bold type with a grain of salt. I don’t think Ron Paul was “cheated out of the presidency” necessarily. I think in 2012 he was still a bit too radical perhaps, but only perhaps. Now, I sense that more people are open to Paul’s critique who were not when Paul ran in 2012. At least I hope so.