Senate “liberals” lay out criteria for Federal Reserve nominee

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They are not really liberals. We are liberals at this site. Liberals are for free minds, and free markets, and new ideas, and innovation. Ms. Warren and Mr. Sanders are not for any of these things. But that’s a fight for another day.

These 2 apparently don’t like the idea that Larry Summers is being considered for Fed chief. On this we agree, Larry Summers should be put out to pasture and his vulgar jockeying for the second (at times the first) most powerful political position in the world is–lets just say–tacky.

In fairness, power does go often to the shameless and Summers is a Clinton Administration alum.

The thing is neither Warren or Sanders will advocate for the real solution, which is an end to the Federal Reserve.

They want the Fed to exist, even though it is a cartel controlled by the banks, because they fear market driven interest rates even more than an interest rate market controlled by the banks.

Ms. Warren and Mr. Sanders fear a free market. As such they make an intellectual deal with the devil. They saddle up with the giant banks they say they fight. Almost every prominent modern “liberal” has over the last 100 years so they are in good company.

Modern liberals (statists) fear a Fed which can’t decree easy money. If that power is taken from the Fed, the power to set the most important price of the economy, the price of money, the state will be harmed. The state must never be curtailed. This is commandment numero uno in the statist handbook.

The statists are right, ending the Fed would indeed harm the state. The people however would benefit greatly.

End the Fed, and enough with the phony posturing senators. You’ll get who the banks want and so will Obama. It’s as simple as that.

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